About us

GAL E.M.E.R.A.L.D is an experienced group in the development, management and investment of real estate assets, including organizing purchase groups and managing purchasing groups for residential apartments and commercial properties.

Our company has initiated, built and managed more than 750 residential units, offices, and commercial centers.

Gal E.m.e.r.a.l.d Activities:

Project Development

Identifying suitable and attractive land or properties.

Expertise in building an appropriate financing plan with banks or other financing entities.

Creating a real estate marketing strategy.

Expertise in achieving optimization with building plans and design Vis a Vis project planners (architects, engineers, etc.)

Organization of Purchasing Groups

Locating a suitable land or property.

Managing the negotiations of purchasing land or properties.

Handling and providing a financing plan for the projects and for financing entities.

Building a marking strategy.

Investment analysis for the purchasing group.

Maximizing and optimizing the project’s building plans.

Project Management

Coordinating and managing the various principles of a real-estate project:  planners, engineers, bankers, legal consultants, contractors, investors, etc.

Managing the group’s representatives and board of directors.

Financial management of the group’s project budget.

Negotiating, managing and liaising with the bank, project engineers, inspectors and appraisers.

Organizing and preparing tender/constructor bids for projects. 

Managing the project until the final stage of possession of the asset.